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Avoid those horrible moments when you realise you and some other girl are wearing the same dress.
Think out the box and settle on an outfit that will complement your uniqueness. Here are some fun ideas.
1. Buy a dress, then tweak it. Instead of buying a dress from the store and wearing it as is, think of how you’d like it to be – perhaps a little more colourful? A little shorter? With straps instead of sleeves? Then go about making the adjustments. The end result will give you something much more original that’s more tailored to you.
2. Runway inspiration. Get sussed about trends that are making a big splash – check out fashion mags or browse the internet – and then try to copy the look, but add your own unique touch with accessories. This is a great way to make you feel like you’re flaunting a bit of Hollywood glamour for the night and peeps are sure to whisper, ‘Hey, wasn’t Charlize wearing that recently?’
3. Go vintage. Vintage dresses are great because they offer much more creativity, so head to a second hand store and see what’s there or raid your mom’s wardrobe! You never know what gems you might find.
Article by Saltwater Girl