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In modern times businesses need to communicate with the public in many ways. To successfully get their brand into the public dialogue they need people who have a communication degree. People who possess this degree’s skillset help organisations plan and implement communication related activities.
The days of businesses being secretive and illusive are long gone. Nowadays companies like CocaCola and RedBull use as many chances as they can to interact with their customers. Being part of the team that works with corporate communication strategy of an organisation is both exciting and rewarding.
But shaping a whole strategy for an organisation means that you’ll have the chance to exercise both your creative and analytical skills. But this challenge is one you’ll get to share with a whole team of like-minded individuals. So if conversation is your game, then this really is for you.
There are a few fringe benefits too. Companies often need experts in this field to drive their ethical goals into a certain direction. So you’ll get to help communities by creatively persuading large companies that this is best for the reputation. A communication degree really does have a host of benefits and advantages that are almost impossible to find elsewhere.
The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication is offered at Varsity College campuses. Our interactive learning environments, blended learning and collaborative approach to education will help you build your understanding and your ability to think critically.
The Independent Institute of Education degrees, diplomas and higher certificates are offered at Varsity College campuses.  In addition Varsity College offers tuition support for qualifications conferred by The University of the Free State (UFS), University of South Africa (UNISA) and the IMM Graduate Institute of Marketing (IMM GSM) and has academic partnerships with international institutions such as The Open University (OU) of the United Kingdom and the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM).
If you’re interested in the Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication, or you’d like to inquire about other programmes available to you, contact Varsity College or visit the Varsity College website at: Varsity College is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE)
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