close-up photography of person using smartphone

Are smartphones and learning compatible? Can smartphones serve as learning tools? Smartphones are progressing each day, opening unimaginable realms of possibilities. Thus, if used appropriately, smartphones are good learning tools. Let’s explore how smartphones can help students learn.

Note Taking

Students can use their smartphones to take notes. Phones come with built-in note pads. You can also use note-taking apps to write and store notes. Besides, there are apps such as google drive or Dropbox that can help you save these notes. Or, you can use an email app to write and store the writeups as email drafts.

Recording and Preserving Lectures

Students who have short attention spans can use their smartphones to record lectures. Smartphones come with built-in recording tools. Pull out your phone, launch the recording tool, and press record as the lesson goes on. You can also use recording apps to record and store lectures. These apps allow easier sharing and recording processes.

Accessing Books

A smartphone links you to ebooks, online libraries, or textbooks available online. You need stable mobile data to access books from any location. Mobile plans can be expensive if you’re operating on a student budget. Thankfully, you can use sim-only deals. Moreover, your status as a student can get you a discount on your sim-only deals, making them more affordable.

Listening to Podcast

Podcasts are great passive and active learning tools. You can listen to pre-recorded lectures or podcasts to catch up on schoolwork. You can also use podcasts to learn new concepts or hard-to-understand concepts. They are downloadable, and you can also stream them using your smartphone. You can fit podcasts into your daily routine. You can also listen to podcasts while doing other tasks. Hence, suitable for students with busy schedules. You’ll need data to download or stream podcasts. Thus, consider getting pocket-friendly sim-only deals.

Finding Information

Smartphones allow students to access information from different sites. Hence, a good research tool for students. You can search for any topic using your smartphone. Use your smartphone when you can’t access or make it to the library. A simple tap into your phone’s browser, and you get information from every corner. If you’re worried about random facts online, there are educational websites such as Khan. Use them.

Planners and Organizers

Though a pocket-sized gadget, smartphones are good planners and organizers. You can use planners and task managing apps to plan and organize your schoolwork. Planners can help you monitor your schoolwork and deadlines.

Videos and Photos

Your smartphone has a video and camera function that lets you take photos or shoot good videos. So, you can record presentations, take photos, or shoot lectures. You can also share your assignments, video projects, and presentations using your smartphones.

You can stream education videos shared on youtube to augment what you’ve learned in class. Ensure you have a stable internet connection. This will prevent slow loading videos or buffers as you learn.

Access Online Discussion Forums

If you have questions or need to talk to your classmates, you can use their smartphones. Or perhaps you need to contact your teacher or professor. A smartphone is always there to ease your communication as a student. You can text, call or email your professors using your smartphone. Use your phones to access online discussion forums or crowdsourcing solutions. You can access your grades on the go.

Accessing Online Educational Resources  

There are many learning apps, websites, and learning management systems online. All these apps and systems are accessible through smartphones. You can access learning websites such as google classroom through your phones. Use your phone to access learning tools such as calculators or the dictionary.

Setting Reminders and Timers

You can set up reminders of any project, assignment due, or an afterschool project. Simply launch your reminder app and set a note. Or use your phone’s built-in or google assistant to set the reminder.

Final Thoughts

Smartphones are good communication tools. But can also serve as a learning tool if you use your smartphones for school-related activities. It can help you find answers to challenging questions. You can learn new concepts right from your smartphone. You can record, use educational apps, and store lectures for future reference. It is easy to access the library from any location. You can also monitor your schoolwork. You can also supplement classwork with online resources. All this is possible thanks to the pocket-sized gadget.