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It does not matter if you have kids preparing for their annual exams, or even if you have a crucial test to give so as to further your career. Eventually, you will need a quiet place where you and your family would be able to study without being disturbed. In this case, your basement would be the ideal place to use as a study. Let us see how you can go about creating the ideal study space in your basement equipped home:

Get rid of all the junk

Almost all houses end up accumulating a pile of junk in the basement. This pile can increase in size over the years as anything and everything from your old baseball bats to the little ones’ broken dolls and dollhouses end up getting deposited in the basement. In time, this useless stuff becomes infested with vermin such as roaches, spiders, and rats, not to mention years of accumulated grime. Here, the need of the hour is to eliminate all of this garbage. By this, it means that you don’t just place a desk in a cleared space, but completely overhaul the whole basement. Use it as a regular room by wallpapering the place and using plenty of white lights to make studying easier.

Remove all distractions from your basement study

If you have been using your basement as a repository for your old books, stop doing that. Nothing distracts a person from his or her studies as a well-remembered comic or dog-eared book. Once you or your loved ones start going through the old books, there will be no going back to your studies and before you know it, the day would have been wasted. The same goes for old video games and other distractions. If you have been using a part of the basement as a home cinema, it is time to stop that practice, at least until exams are over. Also, ensure that you leave your smartphone behind, lest you are sucked into the world of social media instead of your studies. Always remember the goal is to minimize effort while maximizing results. That is the best way to get your studies done right.

Make sure all the stuff you need is already in your basement study

If you plant a desk in the basement but continue to go upstairs for your books and stuff, it would defeat the whole purpose of the basement study. A great idea is to get a stand-up desk. If you have rubber flooring installed in the basement your stand-up desk will go a long way in easing your discomfort while helping you to focus on your studies. If that is not your cup of tea, just get a simple desk and chair combo that won’t harm your back and posture. Apart from that, you can also grab an armful of munchies if you are the type who can only study when you are eating something. Finally, get hold of a writing pad and pencil. If you have any distracting thoughts simply get them over and done with, by jotting them down on the pad.

Take care of the flooring

Since most basements tend to have cold floors you might consider changing the flooring of the basement and installing rubber flooring for basements so as to transform it into an ideal study room.

Make sure the place has an ideal temperature

If the basement is too cold or too hot you would have a hard time concentrating on your work. It will make you flee into the rest of the house to thaw your limbs or to get rid of the heat (as the case may be). If you want to stay inside your study for an extended period of time, you will have to control its temperature. You can install a heater or a fan to get the job done.


You can easily convert your basement into a study room by getting rid of the junk there and taking care of the lighting and the temperature. You should also aim to keep it as free of distractions as possible. Finally, you can also install rubber floorings to make it a comfortable and cozy place to work.