Everyone can talk of a day he or she had a slump at work. Sometimes things can get thick at work especially when you have to tackle a hard task with an approaching deadline. The rush to get things done can really drain out your energy. These are the times that quick intervention is necessary, lest you find your productivity going down to zero. Since you still need to meet the deadlines, try one of the following tips to improve your energy levels the next time you need it.

Eat well

Your body draws energy from food. It is crucial that you do not miss important meals. Take your breakfast so that you have enough energy to start your day. If you need to have a snack, make it a healthy one with equal carbs and protein to keep your sugar levels in check. Almonds and pumpkin seeds make a great choice. In addition, don’t go for an all carbs lunch, ensure your plate has a lot of proteins and vegetables.

Lighten your workload

Sometimes the way to re-energize is to prevent your energy levels from going down. One way to do that is by keeping things simple. Difficult tasks can themselves drain your energy even before you start working on it. On the other hand, dividing it in small tasks can keep you motivated and excited as you tick one task after another from the to-do list.
In as much as you can, avoid having a huge workload. It helps to plan your day and prioritize the most important tasks that you need to be accomplished. You can then delegate other tasks to other people to lighten your burden.
Alternatively, avoid working on one task for a prolonged period of time. If you have a number of tasks to accomplish, hop on to the next one when you feel your energy levels going down.

Choose an alternative workspace

A change of scenery does magic in refreshing the mind and offering a new focus. Ditching your office for a different workspace works well in rejuvenating your energy levels. A good choice for you would be to move your work to a co-working space, coworking spaces attract top-notch professionals. In addition to improving your energy levels, you will get to share a workspace with top, focused minds who will give a positive vibe that you need to get your job done.

Take a break

Sometimes taking a break sounds counter-intuitive especially when you are rushing to meet a quickly approaching deadline. However, working for long hours will drain your energy and leave you fatigued, and you might even miss that deadline because your productivity drops significantly. In addition, taking a break rejuvenates the body and relieves stress. Ensure that you are taking a 15 minutes break for every 90 minutes that you work.


Exercise is a sure way to rejuvenate the body and get the blood flowing. It can consequently lift up your spirits and boost your mood. When you start feeling a drop in your energy, take time out for a quick workout. Take a walk around the block or a run through the staircase. Getting your body moving will do wonders to your energy levels.

Take a power nap

If you do not get enough sleep, you will definitely feel fatigued and unproductive the next day. However, a quick nap of about 20-30 minutes can keep the sleep away and re-energize your body. Alternatively, you can close your eyes and meditate or take breathing exercises for a few minutes. Listening to soft music also helps in energizing your body.

Take caffeine

Caffeine drinks are the magic beverages that get most people through their days at work. However, taking it in excess can cause insomnia. If you want to feel energized after taking caffeine, you need to take it in moderation. You can have a cup in the mid-morning and a second one in the afternoon. In addition to giving you an energy surge, caffeine helps in sharpening your mind and increasing your alertness.

Surround yourself with energized people

Energy is contagious. If you surround yourself with energized people, you will be sure to be energized yourself. The next time you are feeling drained, try mingling with other colleagues who you know are always full of energy. You can as well use that time to find help for a difficult task if you have any.


As said above, days will be there when you will feel less energized to have things done. Many people struggle with this, so you are not the only one. Thankfully, there are tons of things you can do to mitigate the situation. Try one of the above workarounds to re-energize and get back on track.