At College SA, we want to help you bridge the gap between finishing your course and getting full-time employment. There is nothing better for doing this than finding a good internship programme.

Where to find internships, and how College SA can help you

What exactly is an internship?

“An internship is a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment, and it can be paid or unpaid.”


Internship programmes are usually for people who want to get industry-related experience in a certain profession, especially for those who studied in that particular direction. Internships are for those who might even have a qualification, but lack the work experience they need to get full-time employment.

Some internships are unpaid, and some pay a fair salary. An internship can even lead to a full-time job if the employer sees your potential. But most importantly, an internship gives you concrete training and invaluable experience to complement your education.

Internships through College SA partners

College SA is partnered up with a number of professional institutes and accreditation bodies that offer internship (or learnership) programmes. This means that studying with us can lead to internship opportunities through the institutes that are connected to some of our courses.

Here are a few of them:

Services SETA

College SA offers a number of Services SETA courses, both in project management and ingeneral management.

The Services SETA has an Internship Programme that is designed to help those with Services SETA qualifications (such as those offered through College SA) find internship opportunities. Find out more about it here.


College SA also offers Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA) accredited courses, both in accounting and bookkeeping.

CIMA is a very influential global organisation. They offer a range of internship opportunities (you can find them through doing a search on their website). Here you can see: CIMA internship in Ireland, and CIMA internships in the Middle East.


College SA offers a number of Safety and Security SETA accredited courses underinvestigation courses and police courses.

SASSETA has a learnership programme that you can apply for. According to SASSETA, a learnership programme is “a structured, occupationally-based learning programme quite similar to an apprenticeship, which leads to a recognised qualification on the South African National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Finding more internship opportunities

The options mentioned above are only those directly facilitated by professional and accreditation affiliates. There are thousands of other internship programmes out there, offered by institutes, government agencies, and private companies.

In the field of IT, you can do internships after doing a computer course (simply Google ‘IT internship South Africa’, and you’ll find a whole range of options).

One site in particular, The Career Portal, is a great resource for available internship opportunities in South Africa. Just go take a look at their list of internships (over 300 hundred listings at the moment). There is an internship for almost any and every direction you could possibly want to go into!

If you want more information on internships or future career options, you can call us and ask to speak to a Course Expert who will give you free professional career advice.  Speak to us on 0800 21 23 22.

Article issued by College SA