In West Africa is it said that if a young man washes his hands properly, he can dine with Kings. In South Africa it is said that if a young man studies hard enough, he can be whatever his heart leads him to be. These two prophecies are no different, they all aim at empowering young people to do better than expected, it entails them to jump out of the page and present themselves in a far more colourful manner.

Schopenhauer put it this way “The mother of useful arts is necessity, that of the fine arts is luxury, for the father the former have intellect, the latter, genius, which itself is kind of luxury.”  It makes it clear that getting a good education is very expensive and we can then call it a luxury.

A young man from the most disadvantaged place in the country, he wants to be a doctor to help old people and prevent diseases that killed his many brothers and friends. Disciplined throughout his high school career, gets exceptional results and afterwards looks at his community and he lured into doing the same jobs that most in his community take part in. This is really the classic South African story, it is the story which lead me into writing this article. The main aim is to help that young man do better than he thought he would ever be able to.

A bursary system does exactly that, it funds young people with good marks, who are hardworking and determined to succeed.  A bursary funds all schooling expenses, which include text books, tuition fees, food and accommodation. It then produces individuals who are employable and determined to serve the community and the country at large.

If you know that you are good or know that you have the potential to do something great with the matric results you have. Then I encourage you to go on the internet and search for companies that are willing to fund you.

With that in mind, please tell your friends about bursaries and lets have young people going to school and making a difference.

“Prosperity is acquired by exertion, and there is no fruit for him who doth not exert himself: the fawns go not into the mouth of a sleeping lion” – Hitopadesa

Article issued by Student Brands. To view their profile on SAstudy, click here.