While the opportunity and value of pursuing a green career in the biodiversity sector is still commonly believed to be restricted to science boffins – GreenMatter, has recently launched an innovative new Careers App that allows learners, students, teachers and parents access to a user-friendly resource that provides insightful information into the wide array of possible green study paths and careers, that contribute towards making a difference for our environment.

“Contrary to popular belief, careers within the biodiversity sector are not limited to specialists in the science field. Rather, there is a vast scope of careers within this sector with the potential of providing an extremely rewarding career path and doing much to conserve the diversity of our natural capital,” says Chantal Ramcharan-Kotze, GreenMatter Head of Marketing and Communications.

GreenMatter is a catalytic public-private initiative that partners with a range of national stakeholders towards developing relevant and quality skills for our Green Economy, and for supporting the sectors’ transformation agenda. A beta version of the GreenMatter Careers App is currently available in Android and can be downloaded at no charge to your mobile from the Facebook page.

Following user feedback, it will be updated and available in I-Tunes, Blackberry and Samsung App in June, allowing users access to information such as: career descriptions, recommended interests and skills, level of schooling and school subjects, higher education requirements, possible career paths, employment opportunities, and the contact details of tertiary institutions offering the courses.

Ramcharan-Kotze says that while there is growing awareness around the importance of preserving the country’s wealth of biodiversity, we as young leaders need to be more active in securing our future through the study and career paths we choose. “We have the opportunity to make a positive impact across disciplines and sectors on the sustainability of our environment,” she adds.

Presha Ramsurup, GreenMatter Fellow and Rhodes PhD Scholar, believes the App will also provide a valuable tool for communities in general. “Because the biodiversity sector is a relatively new one, majority of green jobs are first generation, making knowledge circulation around possible study and career opportunities in the sector relatively poor. Many local communities are either unaware or have incorrect assumptions as to what jobs within the sector entail. Making a resource readily available, and literally placing information in the palm of their hands, will do much to promote understanding of the sector and the opportunities it provides,” she comments.

Ramcharan-Kotze believes that in order to unlock the opportunities available in the biodiversity sector, students and graduates need to be aware of the technical, trans-disciplinary and social skills and competencies required to work in this dynamic, emerging sector. “GreenMatter is initiating various projects across the skills pipeline, to support the unlocking of opportunities towards enhanced biodiversity management in South Africa and a transformed sector that is all inclusive,” she concludes.

For more information visit www.greenmatter.co.za.