Paperless education

Any parent will tell you that kids can be a handful, especially when they are indoors and idle. That is why it is best to set-up a playhouse outdoors where the kids can go play- or just waste the day away. However, sometimes you are forced to allow the kids to play inside, mostly when it is rainy or too hot outside. It could also be that you want to keep an eye on them as you attend to other things, or you want to spend quality bonding time together. In such cases, which indoor activities will keep the kids happy, independent, quiet, and most importantly, occupied? Here are 7 fun indoor activities that you could consider trying:


When was the last time you spent time with your little one in the kitchen? If you aren’t busy with other things, make good use of this time by teaching him/her how to make a moreish butterscotch pudding or some colorful biscuits. The recipes are easy to follow even for a kid, so you can be sure your kid will not get bored. Besides, you only need half an hour to teach the kid, and then leave him to do the decoration part on his own. You won’t believe how creative your kid can get given the chance. This activity works best for 10+-year-olds.

Have some science fun

Science is definitely not a fun topic to introduce to kids, especially if you tell them to read a science book. But science is important both in their academic and after-school life. And, it doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. Make science fun and relaxing for your kids by letting them conduct scientific experiments indoors. These experiments can be as simple as trying to break a boiled egg or as complicated as making home-made detergent. It all depends on the kids’ level and your knowledge of science. It is best to supervise them if the experiment involves dangerous apparatus and/or substances.

Bathtub play

All kids love playing with water. Instead of them playing with muddy water outside, why not fill up the bathtub with warm water and allow them to bathe with their toys. If you add some fizzy bath tablets to the fun, you can be sure of at least an hour of peace and quiet.

Quick video discussion activities

Nowadays children tend to spend most of their time, either on smartphones, tablets or computers. It is essential for every parent to make sure that the child spends that time in an effective way, such as learning something new, rather than watching pointless videos or wasting time playing a game that does not contribute to their development. To tackle this issue and to make sure that children stay focused and learn properly, Generation Genius has created a platform with online scientific videos for children, which not only contain lessons but also quizzes, puzzles, fun games with vocabulary and many more; and all this to make sure that children get the most out of videos.

Play classic board games

Your options are endless when it comes to classic board games for kids. They are particularly fun when the whole family participates. So, if you want to keep the kids away from the TV or smartphone, play a classic board with them. A good example of a classic board game to try is a murder mystery game, where the kids play the role of young detectives and try to resolve a murder. You will be moving from room to room trying to find the culprits and gather new evidence, so you need to set aside a couple of hours for that. This game is ideal for kids above 10 years.


Are you okay with a little bit of mess? If you are, then allow the kids to have fun with water paint. Just give them paint and some poster boards and allow them to paint whatever comes to their young minds. You won’t believe the kind of masterpieces they can create.

What about some beading?

Beading is fun; it awakens kids’ creative spirits and brings out their potential. Your kid will be happy to make a necklace for you and her siblings. This is an awesome way to make memories with the kid. Just be ready to wear the necklace no matter how ugly it is just to, you know, excite the kid and keep her motivated. As much as you can, keep it safe and show it to her/him after a decade or two.


Staying indoors doesn’t have to be sad and boring. If you know the right games for your kids, you can easily turn an uneventful day indoors into a memorable one. The 7 boredom-busting games above will help you get started. All the best!